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Rajan Chahal, MD

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For men and women who’ve tried to lose weight through conventional efforts and have been unable to achieve their goals, gastric bypass surgery can be a powerful tool. Rajan Chahal, MD, specializes in gastric bypass surgery and other bariatric procedures that help men and women in and around Newton, Massachusetts, improve their health and wellness. If you’re curious about this or other surgical weight loss solutions, call the office today to find out when the next new patient seminar is scheduled.

Gastric Bypass Q & A

What is gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass is a type of bariatric surgery intended to limit the volume of food that can be held in your stomach at any given time.  It also is a surgery that alters and improves one’s metabolism. It’s important to understand that while gastric bypass surgery can be an excellent way to lose a significant amount of weight, it isn’t an effortless quick fix. Success depends on your ability to alter your lifestyle after the surgery to support your long-term health and weight loss goals.

What happens during gastric bypass surgery?

The surgery alters the path of your digestive tract. The first step is reducing the size of your stomach — creating a small pouch by closing off a portion of your stomach.

Next, Dr. Chahal connects a portion of your small intestine directly to your stomach pouch. That effectively bypasses part of your small intestine, which in turn limits the amount of nutrients and calories absorbed during digestion.

These two steps not only restrict the amount of food you can take in but more importantly improve your metabolism and allow you to burn more calories.

Because your digestive tract is altered, you’ll need to closely follow post-op instructions and change the way you eat for the remainder of your life. You may also need periodic injections or oral supplements to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to thrive.

How do I prepare for gastric bypass surgery?

Once you and Dr. Chahal determine that gastric bypass surgery is right for you, expect a lengthy preparation process leading up to your procedure. A thorough physical exam and blood testing are part of that process, giving Dr. Chahal a deeper understanding of your current health.

You’ll also need to manage any existing health conditions prior to the surgery and have a plan in place to monitor those issues as you move through your weight loss journey. Left unmanaged, issues like diabetes, heart disease, and asthma can cause serious problems after your procedure.

You’ll attend classes to expand your knowledge of proper nutrition and exercise. You’ll also learn more about what to expect during your recovery period and as you begin to lose weight. Many men and women also benefit from working with a counselor or therapist during this time.

If you’re interested in exploring gastric bypass surgery, attend a new patient seminar to learn more and to ask any questions about the procedure. Call the office today for more information.